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About Hot Flash Health

Our Mission

At Hot Flash Health, we’re on a mission to empower and educate women as they strut through the queenage years and conquer the menopause journey with style. We’re not your average health company; we’re all about pushing those boundaries in women’s and hormonal health like a boss. We’re here for it, embracing the latest medical wizardry and tech to deliver mind-blowing solutions for women to own their hormonal health journey.

We’re not just about feeling better; we’re about feeling fabulous. Our community is where real talk meets empowerment, where women aren’t just heard – they’re celebrated. We’re in the business of making sure every woman feels like the queen she is during menopause. Confidence, vitality, and a killer sense of community are our prescription for success. Because menopause is just another chapter in the book of life, and we’re here to help you write it your way!

A letter from

Our Founder

My mantra in life has always been “Do What makes you Light up on the Inside.” This is my very reason for bringing Hot Flash Health to life and connecting and empowering women to evolve into a different version of themselves through their menopause journey. It is my goal to create a community to open up difficult conversations, shatter the stigma of menopause, bring a sense of humor to this time in life and offer innovative medical advancements and technology to a more comprehensive approach in hormonal health.

So much of my hormonal health journey has challenged me to embrace uncertainty and navigate thru life silently and without resources on what should be a beautiful chapter in our lives. Until now…

As a woman approaching my 50’s, I’ve learned that my very last fuck went right out the window. I am being born into myself, rising from the tide and learning to be gentle with myself as I’ve opened to my truths around mental health, sexual health, hormonal health, physical health and spiritual health. Up until now, I was exhausted from trying to be stronger than I felt. This chapter of my life is invite only and I invite you to discover your inner queenager. Menopause is just another chapter in the book of life and we’re here to help you write it your way!

Much Love,


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Our Logo

Our logo combines the symbolism of female power, the crown of the Queen, and the silhouettes of female bodies to illustrate the power of the sisterhood to stand together in the face of stigmas. We wear our Queenager crowns proudly, and step into the next phase of our lives looking fabulous (or not if we don’t feel like it) and supported by a community of women and professionals who share in the vision of leaving last century’s perceptions of women in the dust, where they belong.


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