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How did we get here you might ask? 

It’s all about the Queenager. What is a Queenager many of you might ask? Well, basically it’s Me. An entitled almost (eh hem) 46 year old woman who is Vain (AF) and sort of burnt out on life. Basically, one who has spent the past 20+ years taking care of others, our children, our spouses, the young 33 year old at school drop off trying to gain her approval and we’re tired of it. We don’t feel good and it’s time FOR ONCE, it’s time to prioritize ourselves. What a concept right?! Truly, I think all of us middle-aged women are exhausted from trying to appear stronger than we feel.

Oh, by the way our bodies and our minds are basically changing as quickly as my newly divorced neighbor is changing her Hanky pankies. (Are those even a thing?) Why…. Menopause or some form of it. Pre, Peri, Hot Flash Hell, or the aftermath. Otherwise known as WTF is happening to me.

Menopause is sort of like a Haiku. Certainly a haiku about my life: I am so tired, my vagina is dry, where did all my money go, my back is hurting. The crazy thing is, we as women have very few resources for Menopause. It’s even crazy that there’s an element of shame and stigma around these topics. And for me as an entitled White Woman, I can’t even imagine how ignored the underserved communities feel.

What I’ve learned is there are really 5 Pillars that are all impacted by hormonal health changes. Physical Wellness, Mental Wellness, Hormonal Wellness, Sexual Wellness and Spiritual Wellness. YET, there are very few resources to support this journey for women.

Until now….. Drumroll please. Introducing Hot Flash Health. A place where we as women can have real conversations about Menopause, connect with incredible specialists and experts in the field and help provide resources and tools around hormonal health. All in one place!

We’re on a mission to empower and educate women as they strut through their queenage years and conquer the menopause journey with style. We’re not your average health company, we’re all  about pushing the boundaries in women’s health. Our community is where real talk meets empowerment, where women aren’t just heard, they’re celebrated.  All of this is mixed with real talk, real resources, a good sense of humor, a dirty mind and a beautiful heart. Deadly combination really.

Join me in not giving up during this difficult time. The woman we will all be in a few years is counting on us. And with that, the world shifted!

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