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Middle Age Life… Could you at least start using lubricant?

Most days’ it feels like the same.I still haven’t figured a way to get my kids shoes whiter or make the perfect morning smoothie or respond to my anxiety. well. Same, same, same, same my friends say. Still trying to cut down on carbs and make more money. Still trying to balance the mental load and trying to perfect ways of hiding my exhaustion from my loved ones.. Still sorting, arranging, balancing, planning, preparing, anticipating, forgetting and trying to find grace. Except middle age life is harder. We spent so much of our 20’s and 30’s celebrating. Celebrating engagements, babies and new homes and promotions and our parents retirements.. And then life hit. No one prepared us or told us what to expect. Messy lives, Aging parents, divorces, health struggles, financial woes, dying friends. What the FUCK?

Same, Same, Same- the one simple but common message amongst all of us.. We try to remind ourselves and each other- impress less and connect more. We try to find life that sizzles and pops and makes us footloose and fancy free, laugh out loud and get to the end worry free. It’s now that we are reminded that at the end, we don’t want our lives to be a collection of receipts and dirty dishes.

Middle age has unraveled me, it’s offered glimpse of reawakening, it’s taken me to my edges- both beautiful and brutal- all at the same time.

At the end of the day, middle age life is like a dick. Sometimes it’s up. Most of the time (at least in my house because of me) it’s down. But, I guess I’ve realized, it won’t be hard forever.

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